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Jérémy Bally,  winegrower,  drummer

Native from the gold mountains, I'm from a family of workers. 


YoungerI spent all my free time in the forest to explore. Soon I was attracted by nature, vine and and oenology. 

Holder of a BTS (TWO-YEAR TECHNICAL DEGREE) "technical sales and marketing master" in the wine industry, I first employee of several wineries. My thirst for knowledge led me to resume my studies, that is how I spent my second viticulture-enology master.

For 7 years I worked as cellar master, then in 2014 I had the opportunity to settle in a small farm where Jullié seeking a buyer. Today, the area is called  “Le Domaine du Bois de Chat” in reference to his locality.

In the heart of the vineyards, I devote myself to my second passion (perhaps my first?)  Music.

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