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The CLIMATE of “Le Domaine du Bois de Chat” is favourable to this grape variety with an exposure oriented hillsides in South-South West. In order to integrate in this balance that nature has built over time, I work as close as possible to the vegetation cycle and the seasons.

The PRUNING of the vines during the Winter is performed in the most conducive to fertility. In spring and Summer, tillage makes weeding between the rows of vines. It also serves to aerate the soil surface to oxygenate the microorganisms that convert organic matter (natural crop waste and compost that I bring with care) in mineral necessary for the vine.

This work respects the integrity of the different layers that have taken centuries to structure. Preventing vine diseases by prophyllaxy (a set of cultural methods that partially prevent the development of parasites). Treatments are nevertheless necessary to accompany the plant to fight. They are made with products used in organic farming (copper and sulfur).

I do all this work with a light machine that does not tamp the floor.

The GROUND of the vineyard estate consists of shale blue stone and granite sands. This contrast gives an exceptional field for the cultivation of Black Gamay, king of our crus.

100% GAMAY

My philosophy ... The man of the land man must understand and respect the components and the living beings of earth in all their diversity. They took centuries to form and organize. If man is able to integrate into this ancestral balance, it will be offered a unique nectar, deep and harmonious: the wine of its land.

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