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We are at the gates of automn. After several months of growth and transformation where the best care has been given to him, the vineyard finally produces its fruit: subtile and fleshy. 


Optimal maturity is sought between the various components of the grape.

From the bucket to the crates

Once the bucket is full, it is emptied into the crates.

Harvesting in boxes

The grapes are harvested manually in boxes of 13 kg which avoid any crushing of the grapes before they enter the tank.

The stemming

This is the beginning of the winemaking process. Partial stalking is carried out.

The sorting

A sorting of the grapes is done in order to keep only the best parts of the harvest of the year.

The macerations

The macerations begin. Important step where the contents of the grape dandruff will diffuse into the juice. Fermentation takes place during this phase. The harvest is then decanted and then pressed.

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